Medical Archives Department


Our mission is to guarantee the primary and definitive arrangement of medical records of patients whether they were hospitalized or had a consultation at the emergency.

Archiving is made based on the number given to every patient during his admission. This number is identified on all elements of the patient’s file and the same file will be used during future admissions of the same patient.

After the verification and retrieving of missed documents, all files will be scanned then stored in specified envelopes based on a numerical order for facilitating their submission to the Department that requests them in case the patient is readmitted in the hospital.

Furthermore, the Medical Archives Department undertakes the submission of elements of the medical record to patients, their legal representative or their doctors based on the Department’s procedures. Elements that may be delivered are as follows:


  • Results of biological tests, x-ray examinations and all other types of tests.
  • Operative records.
  • Exit summaries.


A deadline of 48 hours is given before the delivery of these documents.