General Description

The Central Sterilization Department goes through an important and critical circumstance between the patient staying at the hospital and the patient coming to the hospital as the challenge lies in breaking the circle of infection.

The main and directed goal of the department is to keep the infection away from the patient, the environment and the crew. The goal of the crew is to guarantee the application of the standards in addition to maintaining the security and public health in order to maintain the wellbeing of workers and patients. Its goal is also to achieve the highest level of effectiveness in the work procedures and to guarantee a decent level of maintenance in the continuous operating of equipment.

The hospital has developed rapidly in the last past years and the expansion of its activities can be noticed very clearly. It is now making surgeries that combine between more than one crew, complicated back surgeries, general surgeries, chest surgeries, orthopedic surgeries and others. All the necessary equipment required for these surgeries are addressed to the Central Sterilization Department in order to be treated, washed and sterilized.

The high level of decent professionalism is the main condition for the regular and continuous work in the work environment of our department and focusing on the treatment of the materials and equipment in the Central Sterilization Department includes an effective and formal treatment that keeps pace with high security standards.

Scope of Service





Records of the decontamination and sterilization equipment in addition to records related to the expiration dates of tools and materials used by the crew and records related to the jobs and duties of the crew are being made on daily basis.

This department is supervised by a committee of different departments entitled The Infection Prevention Committee and it is formed by members of the hospital’s administration, the sterilization department and the Microbiology Department.

The Sterilization Department contains three zones:



Specified types of solutions are used for sterilizing tools then they are put into the washer that will, in his turn, wash the tools and dry them. 



All tools are packaged through specified types of packs which are closed in a thermal way that will prevent the entry of bacteria after their sterilization. The entry date of these tools to the sterilization department will be written on the pack and there is a color indicator on the cover in order to measure the sterilization quality.


This stage is considered as the last stage of the sterilization routine and it comes after packaging tools and gathering them in order to put them in the Autoclave that will in his turn sterilize them using a high temperature that will kill the bacteria and make the tools ready for the usage or to be sterilized by the ethylene oxide.


After the end of the sterilization routine, all tools are stored in the department’s warehouse.

  • Decontamination, packaging, sterilization and distribution of the sterilization equipment in order to be used inside the hospital.

  • Education and advice regarding affairs related to decontamination and sterilization.

  • Operating of sterilization warehouses.

  • Sterilizing and collecting compresses that are suitable for the needs of patients.
    • The washing zone
    • Packaging Zone
    • Sterilization and Delivery Zone