In order to ensure that our employees are equipped with the right kind of skills, knowledge and abilities to perform their assigned tasks, training and development department plays its crucial role towards the growth and success of our hospital.


By choosing the right type of training, we ensure that our employees possess the right skills and the same need to be continuously updated in the follow up of the best and new human resource practices.

To meet current and future needs and demands, training and development process has assumed its strategic role and impact on the hospital performance.

Training and development are very vital in order to progress; this includes decision making, thinking creatively and managing people via:

- Optimizing the utilization of human resources;

- Increasing the productivity of the employees;

- Creating a better corporate image;

- Inculcating the sense of team work, team spirit and inter-team collaborations;

- Improving the health and safety of the hospital thus preventing obsolescence.

We, at Haykel Hospital, have adopted different approaches to internal training and development:


1- Reactive approach:

It's the traditional approach to training and development driven by tactical delivery of technical skills, conferences and boards where training is seen as an event oriented activity.


2- Proactive approach:

It aligns all learning activities with the hospital strategy and its focus is on developing competencies.


3- Active learning approach (or simulation):

In this approach, trainees play a leading role in learning by exploring issues and situational problems under the guidance of their facilitators. The trainees learn by asking thought provoking questions, searching for answers and interpreting various observations made during the process. The active learning approach has its lasting impact on learning since it helps in long-term retention and finding better solutions in the challenging situations.


Our hospital covers as well staff attending continuous training and external courses: every year, the training and development committee may decide to send staff to specific external courses, depending upon the nature of the course, the time frames and some specific criteria, nominations may be sought by the committee from appropriate managers.

At Haykel and in every department, it is recommended to produce an annual training and development plan, the aim of which shall be to empower all employees to carry out their roles to the highest standards, and deliver high quality services to our customers.