About Us

Welcome to Haykel Hospital

In Haykel hospital, we are a multidisciplinary professional group with a broad medical experience.


At Haykel Hospital multidisciplinary professional team with extensive medical experience.

Our mission is to provide excellent health services to the community we serve.

We adopt a philosophy based on the optimization of all preventive and therapeutic resources in order to provide the population we serve a great quality of care within the reach of all.



Vision And Goals

The vision of Haykel hospital for the next 5 years will be illustrated as follows:

1- OPTIMIZE performance by promoting talents

2- OFFER to our patients standardized, adapted & effective care in respect of their individuality

3- DEVELOP an image of an ultra-technological & human hospital

4- PROMOTE poles of excellence & play a pioneering role



We look for creativity, clinical excellence and performance in any field of activity: clinical, scientific or academic at the service of the patient and the community.

This commitment involves a critical look at current practices and apprehension for continuous improvement.


The competencies of Haykel's employees enable an effective, adequate and attentive care of each patient in order to guarantee them the best healthcare while ensuring their well-being


The accomplishment of Haykel's missions denotes our staffs’ strong sense of responsibility towards the patient, the institution and the community as a whole.


Haykel Hospital is committed to a policy of transparency towards the patient and his entourage.


The patient and his family are at the center of the concerns and objectives of Haykel. Humanism is lived by the reception, the listening and the respect of their values.


History of the hospital development
Name Position
Richard Haykel Chairman
Nisrine Bazarbachi, MD Chief Executive Officer
Jinane Bakkour PR Director
Hamid Bou Dib Chief Operating Officer
Ghadir Chamsi Bacha Chief Financial Officer
Christine Sweif Chief Nursing Officer
Sandra Frangieh Quality Director
Léa Rihana Human Resources Manager
Omar Baroudi Purchasing Manager
Lise Abi Rafeh Kheir, MD Chief Medical Officer