Consultation and Pre-Anesthetic Visit

The consultation and Pre-Anesthetic visit form the first stages of the medical care of the patient undertaken by anesthetists. Their goal is to gather all the necessary and relevant information in one document that will be used as a real communication tool in order to guarantee the patient’s security. Gathered information should:


  • Evaluate the Anesthetic risk.

  • Prepare the patient to the surgery

  • Propose the best Pre and Post Anesthetic strategy

  • Provide information to the Patient



The importance of the patient’s file leads to the preparation of the documents that will allow finding the written trace of regulatory information which are advocated in the professional recommendations.
The Pre-Anesthetic visit is required for general anesthesia, loco regional anesthesia and analgesia and sedations. It is made by an anesthetist, who conducts the questionnaire and the clinical examination of the patient and prescribes after this interview blood tests, x-ray and/or cardiac examinations. For that purpose, the patient should come to the interview on an empty stomach and should bring with him his chronic treatment or a list of it if any. For little children, the presence of their parents and the consultation of the health record are advisable. The results will be attached to a written document that includes the results of complementary examinations and/or the specialized consultations. This consultation aims at deciding the anesthesia technique, to inform the patient and to prepare him for the surgery. The patient shall take into consideration that the doctor who will make the surgery for him is not necessarily the doctor who he saw during the consultation.


  • Open from Monday till Saturday from 8AM till 13PM

  • Extension : 316 - 317

  • Location :Private clinics

  • Referent anaesthesiologist, intensivist:
    • Dr Ghaleb Zaouk
    • Dr José Bou Ghosn
    • Dr Etienne Roukoz
    • Dr Lise Abi Rafeh
    • Dr Rami El Sayed